A wedding is an event that is remembered forever, it retains the idea of ​​the very love that a person carries in his heart through his whole life.

This celebration is a symbol of the transition to a new stage in life, full of support, love. Girls dream about this event from early childhood, imagine themselves in a white dress, surrounded by flowers, and for young people, the wedding becomes an official confirmation that they can create and provide their own family.

Wedding loans have become a popular and convenient way to solve financial problems


Wedding loans have become a popular and convenient way to solve financial problems associated with the celebration. The beginning of a joint life is associated with quite serious expenses, which are partially decided by the support of relatives and the ability to plan your budget, but the celebration itself is not a cheap event.

There is a sign: “As you celebrate the wedding, such will be family life”, therefore it is not customary to save on the organization of the ceremony! So that the celebration would not affect the financial situation of the young family, it would be an excellent way to get a bank loan for the wedding.

This will greatly facilitate the process of organizing the celebration and allow you not to worry about the details on your own holiday.

Conditions for obtaining a loan


If you do not have enough funds for running the holiday expenses, you can get a loan at Sean Cole. It is simple in design: why do you need extra stress when the process of preparing for the celebration itself is often associated with anxiety?

In no case should you spoil your mood before the wedding, therefore we decided to make life easier for future newlyweds and their parents. The conditions for obtaining a loan in our company are as loyal as possible, you can become our client, even if you:

  • Do not have income statements;
  • you have a bad credit history
  • you want to get a loan without a pledge of movable and immovable property

To apply for a loan, you need to have at your disposal only two documents:

  • Ukrainian passport
  • Individual identification number

How to get a loan for wedding expenses in Sean Cole


Having on hand a specific list of all the desired things and little things, it will be easier for you to prepare for the celebration, and you will know how much you are missing, what you are going to spend on it, and how long you will need to repay the loan.

With the question “how to get a loan for a wedding in Kiev”, you can contact any bank, the procedure for obtaining a loan may differ depending on the institution you are applying for. And taking a small amount for recurring expenses in Sean Cole is very simple.

  • You fill out a questionnaire on our website, in which you indicate contact information and password to create a personal account.
  • You proceed to fill out personal information, indicate the address of residence, marital status, series and passport number and TIN
  • You indicate your sources of income, position, education, place of work (if any), purpose of obtaining a loan
  • The last step is to indicate the card number for which you want to receive money. Everything is ready, wait for confirmation of the application! You can receive SMS or our manager will contact you to clarify the details!

Advantages of applying for a loan at Sean Cole:

  • The application takes 10-15 minutes
  • You get a solution to your problem, without leaving home, at any time
  • You get money on the card without a long wait, even at night and in the early morning
  • The full cost of using the loan is known immediately upon application.

Possible amount of loan for a wedding

The first possible loan amount in Sean Cole is 6,000 USD, with further cooperation the amount increases, however, the initial fixed amount is enough to buy accessories for a wedding dress or costume, room decoration elements, cars and tables, several hours of renting a wedding limousine or renting a room for banquet.

This amount may also be irreplaceable and appropriate in case of unforeseen expenses and emergency situations, the risk of which is very high with such a large-scale celebration! In addition, a loan at Sean Cole can help you pay a loan for a wedding in Ukraine or prepare for your honeymoon in another country.

Loan terms and conditions of repayment

There are only three ways to repay a loan using the Sean Cole service and this is enough to provide you with a comfortable loan repayment procedure!

  • In the Internet. In your Sean Cole dashboard, you simply select the “Pay off” function, choose the method: pay off all credit or only interest with one payment, then enter the card details.
  • In the payment terminal. Fast Express and Good Finance Bank terminals are suitable for this method, on the Internet you can find the ones closest to you and go pay.
  • At the bank cash desk. The cashier draws up the payment for you, you simply give him the data and cash necessary for payment.

We don’t want the beginning of your family life to be marked by financial difficulties, therefore we will help you to arrange a truly memorable celebration and at the same time not to spoil your honeymoon with thoughts about paying off a loan!

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