You can get a loan for pensioners in Ukraine without any special restrictions. At least within the law. However, in reality, taking a loan for pensioners is not an easy task.

With the help of the new service, which helps people of any age and social group in obtaining a loan, the procedure for obtaining a loan by a pensioner becomes much easier and faster.

It is worth noting that in the policy of the service there are no restrictions for people of retirement age, they can issue a microloan or a loan on the same conditions as working people.

How to get a loan to pensioners without guarantors?


Perhaps you know that in many banks a pensioner can obtain a loan subject to the presence of a guarantor and a life insurance policy, these conditions are completely canceled and it became real to apply for a pension for pensioners. A feature is a factor associated with remote loan processing.

As our customers know, the whole process of registration is interactive and conducted online. But what to do when a pensioner does not know how to use the Internet and physically cannot get a loan online? In this case, the issue is resolved by telephone and the process of obtaining a loan to a pensioner without guarantors is as follows:

  • You contact the manager, where you will receive a full course on the conditions for applying for a microloan;
  • After you have discussed the amount and terms of repayment, the process of obtaining a loan begins;
  • Next is the process of registering and applying for a loan, where you indicate your name, surname, TIN and number and series of the passport for identification.
  • The next step is checking bank cards, where it is important for you to indicate the card’s expiration date, number and CVV code.
  • After some time, the manager will contact you again with the decision to pay the loan. The complete process takes 15-20 minutes and is carried out remotely, which indicates convenience.

Consumer loan to retirees Good Finance

Consumer loan to retirees Good Finance

Consumer loans to retirees from the Good Finance service are issued on more liberal and simplified conditions. For example:

  • The interest rate is reduced;
  • Payment deadlines are increasing;
  • The loan processing procedure is faster;
  • Provides ongoing professional advice.

Loan terms and conditions of repayment

Loan terms and conditions of repayment

As mentioned above, pensioners receive loans under more democratic conditions, faster and easier, but this also applies to loan terms and repayment terms.

So people of retirement age will be much more convenient to return money through the bank’s cashier’s office than through the online service.

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